Variation On A Theme ✺ Cornmeal and Peach Pancakes

Back in April, I wrote about a leisurely Sunday breakfast featuring cornmeal pancakes with raspberries. I mentioned that the original recipe, from Anne Lindsay’s Lighthearted Everyday Cooking, called for peaches. I didn’t have any to hand, so used raspberries instead (mmmmm) and vowed that I would try these again when peaches were in season.

Well, yesterday was the day. This time I whipped up half a batch (the recipe serves six, a fact I didn’t notice until after we’d eaten pretty much all of them last time – let’s just say we were able to coast right up to dinner on that hearty breakfast!). I cut two unpeeled peaches into eight or 10 slices each,  cut each slice into chunks and added them to the batter. You can find the recipe here.

The result was delicious pancakes with a delicate peach flavour. The chunkiness of the peaches added quite a bit of bulkiness, but the cornmeal batter handled its fruity cargo well. We enjoyed these on the veranda overlooking the back garden, with the obligatory dousing of maple syrup. (Is it possible to eat pancakes without maple syrup?)

Hmm, what fruit could I use next? I missed strawberry season, but hey, why not fresh blueberries? These pancakes are a great way to celebrate fruit that’s in season. And, if you don’t have fresh fruit, there’s a great selection of individually quick frozen fruit available that works just as well. After all, I used frozen raspberries the first time!

Do try these pancakes and let me know how you like them!


  1. There’s something about a stack of pancakes that just look so inviting, to me. I find them every bit a appealing as a dish of pasta and, as you already know, that’s saying something. That opening photo of yours, with the peach-laden pancakes, has me salivating, Mar. They look delicious and sound even better!

    • Thanks John! You can whip up a batch of these for yourself in no time all! Now you’ve got me thinking about a pasta/pancake combo dish … Weird or the best of both worlds?

  2. I haven’t ever used peaches in pancakes (I would have thought they’d release too much liquid) so I find this post inspirational! I’m definitely going to try it. Last weekend’s pancakes were raspberry–delicious but messy! 🙂

    • I didn’t find that the peaches were too juicy in the pancakes. They made for a nice change of pancake pace! I liked these, but the raspberry version even more so, probably because they added an element of tartness in addition to fruity sweetness.

  3. Really like the idea of peaches ON pancakes…would maybe never have thought to put them IN…would you make them the same next time Mar? The pancakes sound quite delish!

    • These pancakes are definitely worth trying, Spree! The flavour is more understated than the raspberry version that I tried earlier, but very good indeed. A nice way to pay tribute to the peach at breakfast time.

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