Watermelon Cutie Pops: Refreshing and Cute!

Watermelon and popsicles are two things that go hand in hand with summer, so why not combine the two, bringing a sense of fun and relief from the heat to children and adults alike? These Watermelon Cutie Pops will make you popular anytime you bring them out on a hot summer day.

Watermelon Cutie Pops | © UrbanCottageLife.com

I’ve been seeing lots of posts lately about popsicles, and watermelon recipes are cropping up all over as quickly as the melons are being harvested from the fields.

My inspiration for this flavour was a recipe for Watermelon Agua Fresca on the stunningly beautiful blog, Cook Eat Live Vegetarian. Check it out here, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the food photography on this blog is breathtaking (oh, if only I could take photos like that!). The author, Natalie, provides a sophisticated array of vegetarian and vegan recipes that is very much worth checking out.

Watermelon Cutie Pops

To make my Watermelon Cutie Pops, I puréed chunks of seedless watermelon in a food processor, then pushed the puree through a sieve to capture only the juice. I added the juice of a lime for just a mild hint of citrus (add it in stages, tasting until it seems just right), stirred well and poured the mixture into sailboat-shaped popsicle molds.

I was so anticipating my granddaughter’s reaction to these, and was not disappointed. Tuesday evening all my girls were here for a visit, i.e., my two daughters and two granddaughters, and all of them were charmed by these treats. My almost-two-year old Little Miss was delighted to have her very own, and very first, popsicle and her Mum was happy that this was a no-sugar-added treat. My eight-month old Littler Miss was happy to gnaw on a popsicle too; I think the attraction may have been both the flavour and the cold for her teething gums!

And we adults enjoyed ours too, not only for the refreshment on a hot summer evening, but also for the chance to be transported, however briefly and sweetly, back to our own childhoods.

Watermelon Cutie Pops | © UrbanCottageLife.com

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    • That’s a great idea Emmy! I prefer my orange with pulp so why not watermelon? I can’t think why it would’t work, unless it might separate but I don’t think that would be a problem. And definitely one less step to follow. I’ll try this next time!

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words, very sweet!! I love the idea of making the agua fresca into ice lollies, I just made another lot yesterday for the family I am cooking for at the moment and they loved it!! Another thing I made yestarday was piña colada ice cream by freezing loads of fresh pineapple and blending it with coconut milk, lovely!

    • Oh my, watermelon lollies (love that term) and piña colada ice cream … sounds like summer goodness to me! I’m happy to refer people to your blog; it’s so lovely!

  2. I love this post….Summer Popsicles and flavored fun….wonderful how you all time travelled to your childhood. Great pictures also.

  3. As much as I love berries and stone fruit, nothing says Summer! like watermelon. Converting it into popsicle form is brilliant! I would have loved to have seen the Li’l Ones faces after they enjoyed their treat. What fun!

  4. […] Watermelon Cutie Pops are sure to delight the kids (and those who are kids are heart). And if you really want to appeal to anyone’s inner child, why not make a watermelon lemonade using watermelon of a different hue? I made this with orange watermelon, and let me tell you, the combination of watermelon flavour and the colour orange was a real mind bender. It was great fun to make this with little ones. […]

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