Simple Pleasures ❦ Apple Mashed Potatoes


Apple Mashed Potatoes | Urban Cottage 2014

There’s a pleasure in having a seemingly off-the-wall idea

turn into a delicious dish.

Case in point: tartly sweet McIntosh apple slices

browned in butter with fresh thyme leaves and pepper,

stirred into Yukon Gold potatoes mashed with chicken stock.


How’s this for a recipe?

3 cooked potatoes mashed with 1 cup chicken broth, a pinch of salt & some pepper

1 apple sautéed with 1 tbsp butter until browned & soft,

several sprigs of thyme leaves & a few grindings of pepper

Stir the apples into the potatoes


These were the perfect accompaniment to my

Roasted Pork Loin with Caramelized Apple Stuffing & Apple Butter Glaze.

DISCLOSURE: The Ontario Apple Growers provided me with a box of Ambrosia apples from Martin’s Family Fruit Farm in Waterloo, to cook with, photograph and post about on my blog. I have received no compensation for this. All opinions are my own and my love for apples is genuine. 

I’ll be publishing a series of posts featuring Ambrosia and other apples. All the links will be available here.

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