Caramelized Apple-Stuffed Roast Pork with Apple Butter Glaze

Pork and apple is a classic combination, and this recipe presents it in a unique way with an apple stuffing and apple butter glaze. Caramelized Apple-Stuffed Roast Pork with Apple Butter Glaze is a spectacular addition to your dinner table.

Apple-Stuffed Roast Pork Loin with Apple Butter Glaze | ©

The Concept

Pork and apples is a classic combination, but until now my experience of the apple part of the equation has been limited to applesauce. I decided to take this concept further by stuffing a pork loin roast with Ambrosia apples that were sautéed in caramel. As if that weren’t enough, I glazed the roast with my homemade apple butter. Thyme was my herb of choice for this dish, appearing in both the stuffing and the glaze.

Apple-Stuffed Pork Roast

The result was even better than I had hoped. The apple butter glaze was sticky and nicely caramelized, which heightened its flavour. The Ambrosia apples held their shape throughout the baking period, adding flavour to the pork and serving as a side (interior?) dish in their own right.

Served with apple mashed potatoes (yes, another apple brainstorm) and crisp green beans, this was an elegant and satisfying meal. It was certainly fit for a dinner party, but made a no-particular-occasion dinner special in its own right.

Apple-Stuffed Roast Pork Loin with Apple Butter Glaze | ©

DISCLOSURE: In 2014 the Ontario Apple Growers provided me with a box of Ambrosia apples from Martin’s Family Fruit Farm in Waterloo to cook with and write about. I received no compensation for this. All opinions are my own and my love for apples is genuine.

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First Published 2014 02 14
Updated 2020 12 31


  1. You certainly put those ambrosia apples to great use in your dinner! I haven’t made a dish like this in a while and I love apples with pork roast! I love the idea of an apple butter glaze as well. Lucky you getting a box of these to play with in the kitchen!!

    • Thanks, Barb. I was really happy to be contacted by the Ontario Apple Growers and having that box of apples has really sparked my creativity. I think maybe it’s time for you to make another pork roast and apple dish, to help you forget about that Calgary winter!

  2. Oh my oh my…pork and apple sauce has to be one of my absolute favourite dinners and this looks positively heavenly Marlene, thanks so much for the recipe 🙂

    • You’re most welcome, Sherri. It’s so gratifying to get feedback like this. I just put my recipes out there and never quite know what’s going to strike a chord with people, but it seems that pork and apples is really hitting home right now. Thanks again for your lovely comment!

    • It is a step above what I usually do. I haven’t stuffed a pork roast since the last millennium, now that I think about it. Don’t wait a thousand years to try this!

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