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Yup, you read that right. The title is Orange Watermelon Lemonade, not Orange and Watermelon Lemonade. Orange watermelon — who knew?! I found this at a local farm stand yesterday and just had to get one. I thought making Orange Watermelon Lemonade with the girls would be a fun “last day of summer vacation” activity, and I was right!

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This post marks a farewell of sorts to summer. I know that technically summer lasts almost another three weeks, but somehow Labour Day and the last day of school vacation marks the end of the season. I’ve been wanting to make a watermelon lemonade for a while now, but believe it or not, it’s just been too cool here for cold drinks. And then today, Labour Day, we have higher temperatures and an even higher humidex, so woo hoo let’s get on with the lemonade making!

But first, that watermelon ….

 The Corn Crib near Strathroy had both orange and yellow watermelons yesterday. I think there may have been some regular ones too, but I once I heard “orange” and “yellow” all I could think about was how much fun it would be to share a wacky-coloured watermelon with the girls. The taste definitely says watermelon, but this one isn’t quite as sweet as the regular melons. It’s a bit of a mind game — it looks like cantaloupe but, surprise, it’s watermelon! That moment when I sliced into the melon and then split it apart to reveal the colour, with my daughters and four granddaughters all watching, was a summer memory to keep.

Orange Watermelon Lemonade | ©

The Orange Watermelon Lemonade is simple as anything to make; the process is basically the same as making the juice for watermelon lime granita . Just whizz up some cubes of melon in the blender, add lemon juice, and then adjust the sweet/tart balance with a little honey. Voila, watermelon lemonade that looks like orange juice. Or cantaloupe juice. Or even a bit mango-esque.

What a fun and refreshing way to end summer!

Orange Watermelon Lemonade | ©

Orange Watermelon Lemonade

  • Servings: Makes close to 6 cups
  • Print

Orange Watermelon Lemonade | ©© Marlene Cornelis, Urban Cottage 2017

  • Flesh of a 4-lb section of orange watermelon, cut into large cubes
  • Juice of 2 lemons (about 3/4 cup)
  • 1/2 tbsp to 1 tbsp honey (or more, to taste)

Place the watermelon and lemon juice in the jar of a blender, then process on high until liquefied. Taste to assess the tartness level. Add honey in increments until you achieve the *perfect* level of sweetness.

Decant into a pretty pitcher and keep covered in the refrigerator. Serve over ice.

Looking for More Watermelon Ideas?

Just because summer is ending doesn’t mean watermelon season is over! Here are some ideas for what you can do with these luscious melons as long as you find them at your local farm market: Watermelon Lime Granita, Watermelon Feta Salad with Lime Honey Dressing, Thai-Inspired Chilled Watermelon Soup and Watermelon Cutie Pops.




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