Lentil Salad (Without Sand)


You might have noticed there’s been an awful lot of healthy eating here at Life Through the Kitchen Cottage Window. I guess that’s what happens when I wear a bathing suit every day. I’m beginning to think maybe I should wear a bathing suit under my work clothes, just to keep this up when I return to the real (i.e., not vacationing) world!

Remember those lentils that I cooked earlier in the week? On Saturday I used about two cups of them to make a lentil salad. It was really easy and here’s how I threw it together to serve two. Put two tablespoons rice wine vinegar and a tablespoon and a half of olive oil in a bowl with some freshly ground pepper and salt., and gave it a good stir. Toss in the following vegetables, halved or quartered and thinly sliced: cucumber, carrot, celery and radish. Add about one third of a red bell pepper, finely chopped. Put the cooked lentils in next, and stir everything together. Taste and adjust seasonings as you like.

For some extra freshness and crunchiness, I quartered and chopped a heart of romaine lettuce and put that in a ring on two plates. The lentil salad and its generous dressing (enough for the lettuce) was mounded in the middle.

And voila, in only a few minutes I had used leftovers from my early-week cooking ahead spree to make another quick and tasty lunch that we enjoyed on the beach. That said, since it was fairly windy I might have been wiser to enjoy my lunch on the patio at the top of the stairs. I managed to get a spray of fine sand on my salad, which added an unpleasant grittiness. I think there was quite enough roughage in the salad without this extra addition!



  1. Ah, the joy of dining on the beach. It’s all so appetizing and tasty until that first gust of wind. Gone with the wind, indeed. 🙂
    Even so, your lentil salad sounds delicious, Mar. It’s a filling meal without being heavy, just right for a beach vacation. And the fact that you were able to clear out the fridge to make it is icing on the cake.

    • There wasn’t a grain of Sand on the Culinary Enthusiast’s plate; wonder how I was so lucky to get it all?

      I’m writing this on Tuesday, camped out on the town library waiting for the laundry to dry. A line of thunderstorms stretching all the way from your part of the world to southwestern Ontario is rolling in. This will be a travel day, with lunch at a little cafe we love in a resort town about 45 minutes from here. Not every day is meant for cooking!

  2. I’d love to be on your beach with that salad! I laughed when reading your post.. I need to keep that bikini on under my clothes.. it’d steer me away from my kitchen for sure!! xo

    • Actually, if I wore a bikini I’d probably stop eating altogether! A one-piece is motivation enough for me! And I probably should have started wearing it in March instead of waiting until I got to the beach!

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