Lazy Days Reruns and Leftovers ~ Quinoa & Red Pepper Chili


I’ve been doing some big-batch cooking at the cottage, so there’s always something healthy in the fridge for lunch or dinner (leftovers!) The last of a big pot of carrot lentil soup is heating up for dinner as I write this. A batch of French green lentils is in the fridge, ready to use in a variety of dishes. And yesterday I made a batch of Quinoa and Red Pepper chili, which I blogged about a few months ago (rerun!)

We enjoyed the chili for dinner last night, topped with crushed tortilla chips and an avocado that was cubed and spritzed with the juice of half a lime. Tasty, tasty! There’s enough left for two more easy-living meals. And, in the spirit of keeping things easy, you can find the recipe here.



  1. This is how you to it on vacation! No need to spend half a day in the kitchen. It’s the cook’s vacation, too. Whatever ya make, be sure there’s enough for a lunch, at least. Your chili is just perfect for this.
    Now, what are you doing here? Isn’t there a beach chair and a cocktail waiting for you?

    • I absolutely agree! Spend as little time in the kitchen and make it count! The opportunity to sit in a lounger by the lake is fleeting and not to be wasted!

    • What a life indeed! We’re so lucky to be able to spend a few weeks at the lake each year. And it does provide a gorgeous backdrop for my food pics!

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