Last Hurrah Lentil Cakes


Lentil Cakes at the Beach  | ©

Vacation is over and I’ve returned to real life (the washing machine is running as I write this), but I have wonderful memories of our two weeks at the lake. On the food front, I’m really pleased that I did so much smart cooking at the cottage; not only did we eat out less than in the past, but we also ate much more healthfully.

What was so smart about it? I made a few easy recipes in big batches using some ingredients that I brought from home and others that I sourced at the grocery store in the nearby town or the fruit stand a few kilometres from where we stayed. I spent very little time at the stove, a good thing when on holiday. We actually only prepared meat once, our traditional arrival-night T-bone steak on the barbecue. The rest of the time, we ate vegetarian fare and indulged our carnivorous impulses when we went out to eat (or when the Culinary Enthusiast drove to the local take-away for burgers or sausage on a bun to eat on the beach).

Neither of us mind leftovers, and it was a snap to heat up a bowl of soup or chili that was waiting in the fridge. The lentils that I cooked were so versatile, and we enjoyed them in lots of salads as an ingredient or the main component. I also used the last of them to make another batch of the lentil cakes that I blogged about recently. In the spirit of a rerun, you can find the recipe here. Making the best of what I had on hand, I modified the recipe somewhat, using more chickpeas and fewer lentils, and also less onion but adding some finely chopped red pepper. I changed up the flavours with a half tablespoon of cumin, and about 3/4 cup in combined total of fresh mint, thyme and parsley (in other words, what I could find in the fridge).

Lentil Cakes at the Beach  | ©

Using a quarter-cup measure, I ended up with twelve delightful little patties that were still a satisfying size. We enjoyed them for lunches and dinners accompanied by simple side salads.

The CE said he liked these even more than the first batch I’d made at home, not just for the flavour, but also because they were crispier. I confess, that’s because I went down to the beach for a quick dip while they were in the oven and they baked about 10 minutes longer than I had intended. And that, I’m happy to say, turned out to be a very good thing!

I love to cook at home, but there’s something about food prepared in a simple kitchen and served outside in a beautiful setting that made our meals at the lake really special. I’m glad I’ll have these memories and photographs to revisit in the months ahead when I want to escape to the lake again, even if just in spirit.



  1. I’m sorry to hear your holiday has ended, I’ve really enjoyed the view from your front porch.. with your lovely recipes in the foreground of course:) These look good even uncooked!! I hope your week back at home goes smoothly!!

    • I’m glad you were able to enjoy seeing our wonderful holiday view. Something tells me the transition back to w-o-r-k is going to take some adjustment 😞 . On the other hand, I just spent a few hours with my granddaughters and that makes returning home very worthwhile indeed 😊 .

  2. Mar, these were great as was all the food you prepared. Now that I have a computer again and we are back I just want to say what a great food vacation that was …thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have to give you credit, Mar, you did it right! Whatever time you did spend in the kitchen was time well-spent, ensuring that you’d be spending less time there sometime down the road. And it’s not like you were sacrificing on quality or taste. The meals you shared with us would have been welcome at my table anytime. This is how to enjoy a vacation at the beach, and that includes taking a dip while the main course is in the oven. 🙂

    • Thanks John. It was a great holiday. Hope you get a chance to spend some time by the lake this summer, too! And if you do, would I be right if I guess there will be some cold pasta salads on your table? I might just do some of those next time!

    • Thank you. I’m so happy with this recipe. Be sure to check out the original on the blog emmycooks, which is where I found this. Thank you for stopping by!

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