Top Three Recipes of 2019

Since we’re two-thirds of the way through the year, I thought this would be a good time to show the top three recipes of 2019 so far. They include two easy family suppers and one classic dessert that’s full of family significance for me. All three have been at the top of the Urban Cottage charts throughout this year. I do hope you’ll check them out!

And The Top Three Recipes of 2019 Are …

#1: Pasta with Garlic, Red Chili & Lime

Pasta with Garlic, Red Chili Pepper & Lime | ©

This is a quick and easy dinner that I’ve been making for my family (and sometimes just for me) for over 15 years now. Using a fine pasta speeds up the preparation time, and while it’s cooking you make a zesty and oh-so-easy sauce for it. And according to the statistics, many of you are also enjoying this recipe!

Pasta with Garlic, Red Chili & Lime

#2: Hamburger, Tomato and Potato Skillet Dinner

Hamburger Skillet Dinner with Potatoes & Tomatoes | ©

This recipe proves you don’t need to add a packet of you-know-what to browned hamburger to produce a fast, family-approved dinner! I updated an old classic of mine to make it even faster and easier. It takes just 20 minutes of prep time, plus 25 minutes of cooking time during which you can set the table, chill out, or write the next chapter of your bestselling novel. Be ready for people to ask for seconds.

Hamburger, Tomato and Potato Skillet Dinner

#3: Queen Elizabeth Cake

Queen Elizabeth Cake | ©

I’m so happy to see that this recipe is a favourite with my readers. It’s very special to me, as my mother often served it to company on the china plate she and dad received as a wedding gift in 1956. It’s a cake fit for royalty, as the post explains, and my mom was certainly queen of her kitchen. I’ve updated it to be sweetly unrefined, as well. This post is one of the more personal ones here at Urban Cottage Life, telling Mom and Dad’s story. They may be gone, but are still very much present in my family’s life.

Queen Elizabeth Cake

Thank You

Thank you to all of you who visit this small corner of the internet to share in my recipes and stories. I value each click and like, but most of all the fact that you trust my recipes. It’s always a joy to hear that you’ve tried and enjoyed something you found here.


  1. The hamburger, tomato and potato skillet dinner is one of our favourites! I’ve also shared this recipe with many of my extended family members (as I have with several of your recipes!)

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