Simple Refreshment ❉ Lemon Cucumber Infused Water

Lemon Cucumber Infused Water | © Urban Cottage Life.comIt’s a stinkin’ hot weekend here in London (that would be Canada’s London, not the other one you may have heard of), with heat warnings, humidex readings through the roof and a severe thunderstorm watch in effect as I write this. While I love the rusticity of my century urban cottage, I’m also grateful for some mod cons; you know, new-fangled things like electricity, modern plumbing and air conditioning. Today, especially air conditioning.

If there’s one thing that’s important to me, it’s having my windows open, but in weather like this I’m willing to trade off fresh air (not that you could call the heavy air outside at the moment fresh). I’m rather proud of the fact that I made it this far into the summer without using the AC. To be fair, there hasn’t been a lot of sacrifice involved in that since the temperatures have been quite bearable most of the time.

According to the forecast it looks like I’ll have those windows open again in a day or two. In the meantime, the blinds are closed against the sun, the cooling system is on with lots of fans to circulate the air, and I’m conserving my energy by doing pretty much nothing.

I did rouse myself to make a lemon cucumber infused water yesterday, which takes so little effort it can hardly be considered work. Infused water is a great way to ensure you hydrate properly  — important at all times and especially so in the dog days of summer. And, there’s only a hint of a recipe to write out, which today seems like quite the bonus indeed.

Lemon Cucumber Infused Water | © Urban Cottage

Lemon Cucumber Infused Water

Slice half a lemon or so. Slice a length of English cucumber. Place in a pitcher or large Mason jar and pour filtered water over. Let it steep in the fridge for an hour or two, and then refresh yourself. Top up the water as needed over the course of a couple of days.

Lemon Cucumber Infused Water | © Urban Cottage


    • I hope you enjoyed it, Suzanne! Thank goodness the heat and humidity have passed. It’s perfect summer weather now, at least in my opinion! Sunny, breezy and not too hot — what’s not to love about that?!

  1. Lovely to visit you Marlene at your delightful Urban Cottage. I hope that you can very soon open up your windows again, nothing like fresh air. That was one thing I didn’t like about living through those stiflingly hot Californian summers, having to close up the house all summer long with the A/C blasting. I don’t miss that!! Your cucumber/lemon water is the perfect anicdote for a hot day…refreshment at its best and I love your photography 🙂

    • I’m happy to say that the hot and sticky weather passed with a real cracker of a storm Sunday afternoon. It’s my idea of perfect summer weather right now, for which I’m grateful. I’m glad you like the “recipe” for lemon cucumber water, and thank you for your compliment about my photography. That means a lot, especially considering how beautiful your photos are.

      • Ahh Marlene, you are very kind! Yes, I love those kind of summers, very typical of here too. I am so glad it cooled down for you, staying that way I hope! Have a lovely weekend my friend, I look forward to catching up with you next week 🙂

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