Simple Pleasures: Freshly Squeezed Blood Orange Juice

This beautiful glass of vibrantly coloured, deeply sweet and intensely citrus-flavoured blood orange juice is what sent us rushing onto the back deck last weekend, locking the door behind us in our haste to capture this image and get back to the table so we could enjoy it. The photos were forgotten in the excitement, but I’ve come across them today. As the snow blows past my window, I wish I had another glass of this to sip and treasure as I write. Freshly squeezed citrus juice of any kind is one of life’s simple pleasures, especially during a snow storm.


    • Yes, sliding over that concrete window sill couldn’t have been comfortable! There’ll be something cooking in the kitchen later on today that will take your mind off that!

    • Absolutely! And they’re beautiful to look at too. I’m doing a post today that includes freshly squeezed citrus juices and I love the photo I took of the empty orange, lemon and lime rinds nesting together. Beauty is everywhere in the kitchen, if we just open our eyes to it.

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