Simple Pleasures ❦ Springtime Cookies for Easter


Simple Pleasures ❦ Springtime Cookies for Easter | © Life Through the Kitchen

I love the pretty pastel colours and cheeriness of Easter,

and the happy celebration of springtime this holiday marks.

This year the Easter bunny hippitty-hopped over and brought

 💗 my children and grandchildren 💗

these toonie-sized decorated cookies

(sometimes tiny is even sweeter).

My gift is the time I spent with Little Miss and Jenn

making and decorating these little gems,

sharing the pleasure of creativity.

An afternoon of giggles and wonder

and a charming bicycle-patterned apron,

and the joy of little hands eager to create —

“I can do it, Nana!”

Little Miss cut out cookie dough and helped tint the royal icing

pastel shades of green and lilac and pink and lellow.

(Lellow is my new favourite colour, just so I can hear her say that.)

Simple Pleasures ❦ Springtime Cookies for Easter | © Life Through the Kitchen

Oh, her delight in squeezing the icing onto the cookies,

lavishing colour upon colour,

creating impressionist art on each.

Little Miss was so proud of the pretty cookies she made.

Later, Jenn came for an evening of cookie decorating,

a pleasant hour of shared mother-daughter time,

laughing at our efforts while trying to perfect our technique.

But none of this was about perfection or technique.

It was about togetherness and memory-making,

setting the demands of life aside

and simply having simple fun.

Enjoying the interplay of happy colours,

and seeing our heart and flower and butterfly cookies

coming to life on a plate full of springtime.

The happy anticipation of nestling these in little baskets

for giving on Easter morning

(the Easter bunny bakes, you know).

💗 This simple pleasure was and is all about love. 💗


  1. Oh how delightful this post is Marlene, I just love the joy, the memory making and the divine cookies at the end of it! Reminds me so much of my times spent with my children when they were little, we were always in the kitchen at holiday times like Easter and Christmas, baking and making those so-important memories, never to be forgotten! My mum used to do the same with me, such a beautiful tradition to carry on. I hope that you and your family had a wonderful, blessed Easter 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Sherri. We had a lovely Easter and I hope you did too. Now that my own children are grown, it’s so nice to be able to do these things with my grandchildren and experience again the pride small children take in their creations.

      • Oh, I love being Nana! As I like to tell my friends who haven’t experienced having grandchildren yet, it’s all the joy without the work. Seriously though, it’s much more than that – my heart is full 😊

  2. How wonderful, Mar. I feel much the same way when Zia and I spend an afternoon working together. It really doesn’t matter what we make or how much. It’s the time together that’s the important thing. May there be many more times like this ahead for you all.

    • You’re absolutely right, John! Personally, I’m not keen on eating sugar cookies, but they are a good medium for creative family fun. (Okay, I’ve been known to eat a sugar cookie or two, but really, they’re not high on my list. Really.)

  3. You are so right, spring time always brings about simple pleasures. And I love the Easter holiday. These cookies look so delectable and so wonderful. I also love the way you designed them. So beautiful. I so miss mother-daughter time. My mom moved away when she retired but we talk everyday and laugh all the time. Beautiful post Marlene.

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