Simple Pleasures ❦ Outdoor Decor for Fall

Fall Decor | ©

I’m not much for festooning my home with seasonal decor,

but in the fall I just can’t resist setting out a few pumpkins

and an assortment of interesting and pretty gourds.

Fall Decor | ©

And a nod to the fun of Hallowe’en

is hanging on the door,

greeting visitors with

a Boo! and an Eek!

Fall Decor | ©


  1. Very nice, Mar. You don’t have to go all out to add a little Fall to your entryway. I wish we in this area could do that but pumpkins our front are destined to get smashed. It’s a shame. Even so, some families do decorate their homes. They just use stuff that’s not vandal-worthy, like sheets hanging from trees, fake spider webs, etc.

    • It’s too bad when people spoil the fun. We’re pretty lucky where we live. Occasionally things like this happen, but for the most part it’s quite safe to have pumpkins and other holiday decor on display.

      Now one Hallowe’en, some little trick or treater came to my door, gladly accepted my candy, and I realized later also helped herself to some of my decor on the way out. Okay, so my plastic glowing skull was a little tacky, but I don’t think her actions were meant to improve the aesthetics of the neightbourhood. 😒

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