Simple Pleasures ❦ Homemade Jam

The Simple Pleasures of Homemade Blueberry Jam | © Life Through the Kitchen Window

Finally, I’ve made jam.

And now that I have,

I don’t think I can ever make enough.

It’s all pleasure …

from picking berries in the summer heat and sun,

treating myself to the burst of their tart sweetness,

to the heady fragrance as I crush them,

the dramatic rolling boiling, a blueberry lava,

then the alchemy of the canning kettle,

and finally,

after the satisfying pop of the seal,

on my toast.

A blue puddle of summer’s sunshine and sweetness.

Pass the jam, please.

❧ ❧ ❧

And now, a little ditty from the Culinary Enthusiast,

who’s proclaimed this blueberry jam the “best ever”:

Jam with tea, 

Jam on toast.

Jam’s the thing that I like most.

Strawberry, gooseberry, blueberry …

I love jam.

The Simple Pleasures of Homemade Blueberry Jam | © Life Through the Kitchen Window


    • I was so intimidated at the thought of making jam that I put it off for years. And now I’ve learned how easy it is, and yes, so very satisfying. I’ve already made a batch of raspberry jam and am thinking about canning tomatoes this fall.

  1. Mary had a little jam; she spread it on a waffle. And if she hadn’t eaten ten, she wouldn’t feel so awful.L.O.L

  2. I remember my mother made jam every year – apricot, strawberry, gooseberry, blackberry. But the best one was apple jelly; I loved that stuff. Not sure why she doesn’t do it anymore, although i do still find the odd jar in her cupboards when i visit and some of the dates on them are older than my kids!

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