Simple Pleasures ❦ Fresh Tomatoes on Toast

every summer I eagerly await

the first locally grown tomatoes

real tomatoes ~ juicy, jewel-toned and flavourful

thickly sliced

served atop plain toasted whole grain bread

a quick grinding of pepper

a scattering of torn basil leaves

harvested just now from my garden


has simple ever tasted so good?


  1. I am so with you, Mar. I cannot wait for the season’s first tomatoes. My plants have been a disappointment this year but the farmers markets have been well-supplied and I’ve taken full advantage. And as you just mentioned, a simple preparation is the best!

    • I’m afraid I’m dependent on the markets this year, as I didn’t plant any tomatoes. Sadly, no room for a kitchen garden in my new yard. Maybe I’ll grow some in pots next year!

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