Simple Pleasures ❦ Breakfast Amidst the Lilacs

As often as I can, I like to eat outside.

The last two mornings I have breakfasted on the back deck, enjoying the gentle spring air, and the sight and fragrance of lilacs tumbling over the fence from the neighbour’s yard.

No dining room can provide a more perfect setting than this.

A simple pleasure, indeed.


  1. Aren’t they pretty. I pick them and bring them in the house. Enjoy the lilacs with their awesome fragrance Marlene.

    • It’s wonderful to have a vase of lilacs in the house, they’re so pretty and fragrant. Since these don’t belong to us and I’d like to stay on the new neighbours’ good side, I won’t be cutting any to bring inside!

  2. I envy your having breakfast amongst the lilacs. Mine bloomed when it was rainy and too cool to really do much but look at them through a window. Yours, though, are such a beautiful shade and I bet you enjoyed your breakfast. Good for you!

    • Yes, I’ve been lucky to have a few nice days where I could sit outside and enjoy the lilacs. Maybe you’ll get to enjoy yours from the other side of the window next year!

  3. What a delightful outlook to contemplate the day ahead. Lilacs are such a wonderful flower – visually attractive and with such a fragrant scent.

    As you said, a simple pleasure, indeed. 🙂

    • I love wisteria, too. I had a whole fence full of it at my last house, and it sure takes some keeping in check! But it’s worth it for its ethereal blossoms and lovely green screen. I had it on a pergola once and it was like having a leafy umbrella over us.

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