Simple Pleasures ❉ Rhubarb Syrup-Infused Water

Rhubarb Syrup-Infused Water | © Life Through the Kitchen

a hot summer day calls out

for a patch of shade

a cold glass in your hand

beads of moisture on the outside

tinkling ice

the sweet-tart surprise of rhubarb syrup

in still or sparkling water

ahhh simplicity . . . refresh and relax

Rhubarb Syrup-Infused Water | © Life Through the Kitchen

When you’re looking for ways to use up the rhubarb that’s flourishing in the patch right now or available in abundance at the market, don’t forget about making rhubarb simple syrup. You can use it to flavour cocktails, or simply a glass of water when you crave hydration with a twist. Sparkling water and a slice of lime would turn this simple beverage into a festive libation to enjoy on the patio with friends.

Rhubarb syrup keeps in the fridge for about three weeks, but you could also can it in small jars for use throughout the year. Just check online for recipes suitable for canning. Wouldn’t it be blissful to be able to open a jar and enjoy this drink when the dog days of August arrive?

Rhubarb Syrup-Infused Water | © Life Through the Kitchen


    • It’s right here on the blog! 😄 There are a couple of recipes for rhubarb strawberry crisp. You could always replace the strawberries with more rhubarb and perhaps add a bit more sugar. Enjoy!

    • I don’t see why you couldn’t freeze it, Barb. It would be brilliant to freeze it in ice cube trays and then store in freezer bags to thaw for drinks or even to use as an ice cube. Always something to think about! It’s so pretty, especially when you find that gorgeous crimson rhubarb, that it’s worth trying to preserve one way or another!

  1. hmmm something i’ve never thought of doing. but it makes perfect sense!!! and you can make it alcoholic with prosecco! or vodka!!! I’m making some now!!!

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