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Holiday Mingle Gingerbread House |© Urban Cottage

Today, the Little and Littler Misses, my daughter and I decorated a gingerbread house in front of the Christmas tree.

This was not an exercise in design, technique or even baking (I confess, I bought pre-fab gingerbread and the Culinary Enthusiast and I put it together last night, sending a photo to the girls to whet their enthusiasm for the project). It certainly wasn’t a quest for perfection.

Instead, it was a time for the little ones to have the excitement of making something together, bowls (bowls!) of candy to choose from, and learning that sometimes things fall off and you have to glue them back on.

Gingerbread House Fun | © Life Through the Kitchen

Littler Miss spent much of the time transferring candy between bowls, back and forth and back again. Little Miss was enchanted by the art of decorating the house with candy, until she wasn’t any more, and then her Mommy and I finished.

There was some eating of candy, and some spitting out of candy that didn’t meet high standards. Some of those pieces may even have made it onto the house. (For the record, we’re not planning to eat it.)

Is there any sweeter simple pleasure than little hands working together, squeals of excitement and a child’s pride in accomplishment? “Look, I made that with Mommy and my sister!”

Our gingerbread house has pride of place in our home this Christmas season, reminding me that the best holiday pleasures are the simple ones.

Gingerbread House Fun | © Life Through the Kitchen


  1. This is the sweetest story I have ever read. Mar you have created the most beautiful memories for the children, yourself and who ever reads this wonderful story. Brent

  2. Just lovely Marlene. It really is in the simple pleasures of life that we find the most joy and an abundance of blessings. Wishing you and your beautiful family a very Happy Christmas 🙂

  3. Thank you Marlene! I must also let you know that I made your Zucchini Soup and it was absolutely delicious! I used the wholegrain mustard which really added to it. I also used the green zucchini as I couldn’t find the yellow kind but it was wonderful. Thank you for a super recipe, I will definitely be making it again 🙂 Merry Christmas!

    • It was pretty special. And it’s cute how proud Little Miss is of it. She points it out to people when she’s over. Littler Miss, who’s only two, is not so into it. 🙂

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