Simple Pleasures ✽ Market Bounty

Market Bounty | ©

a stroll around the farmer’s market

after breakfast on Saturday morning

is like going to a gallery

artful displays

radiant bold colours so pleasing to the eye

art you can eat

inspiration for dinner

from the artistic team of nature and farmer

Market Bounty | ©


  1. It is a highpoint of my Summer weekends to go to a farmer’s market. I went this morning and spent the afternoon chopping vegetables for a large batch of giardiniera. It’s the best and, by your photos, I see you did your part in support of your farming community, too. 🙂

    • I was tempted to buy a bushel of tomatoes to make some tomato sauce, which I like to freeze to use throughout the winter months. The only freezer I have at the moment is the one in my refrigerator, so we went to an appliance store and bought an upright freezer. As soon as it’s delivered, I can start cooking in earnest and stocking up for meals ahead.

      By the way, I looked up ‘giardiniera’ and it sounds delicious! I’m guessing there’s a post coming up about this? Looking forward to reading it!

    • Thank you, Terri! I loved the interplay of colours, and just had to grab my cameras – nice to pause and really look at what’s right there in front of me.

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