Simple Pleasures ✽ Flowers for the Hostess

Simple Pleasures: Alstroemeria │ © Life Through the Kitchen Window

Recently some guests brought us

this lovely bouquet of Alstroemeria.

Fresh, pretty and long-lasting,

it made the perfect hostess gift.

The flowers were easy to pop into a vase

with no time needed for arranging,

so we could display them at the party.

And, we were able to enjoy them for more than two weeks afterwards.

A thoughtful simple pleasure.


  1. If you’re going to bring flowers for the hostess, this is the way to do it. Select a beautiful, long-lasting bouquet that is “vase ready.” These look beautiful, Mar.

    • I agree, John. It’s a distraction when people bring flowers that need trimming & arranging right at the start of a party. Still a lovely gesture, but the hosts don’t need extra work then! Something that requires no fuss is always appreciated.

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