Sharing Inspiration

One of the reasons I started this blog was to build for my three children a collection of their favourite recipes, and to rekindle the memories that go along with them. In the past I had thought of writing a cookbook for them, but that seemed like something that can’t be shared until it’s finished, and not only would that take me years, but there’s always something new to add. How would I know when it was done?

The share-as-you-go format of a blog appealed to me, and it’s been wonderfully gratifying to see how interested my daughters are in it, and that they’ve been finding it inspiring. I’m not sure that my son has even looked at it yet (ahem, hint!) but it’s here waiting for him when he’s ready.

Anyway, two things happened last Sunday morning that were really motivational for me. When I checked Facebook I found a post from one of my daughters that said, “Your blog must be rubbing off on me. Plans for today include making potato leek soup, apple crisp, and maybe rice krispie squares too. Plus another tasty dinner!” Wow!  A few minutes later, my other daughter called and told me that she had been inspired to make French toast that morning. She wanted to try something a little different, so she seasoned the eggs and milk  with the pumpkin pie spice blend I showed her recently when she came over to help me bake for Thanksgiving. I was so impressed (and I’m going to try that myself!).

Nice to see that I’ve inspired them, and they inspire me! Thank you ♥


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