Recipes for New Year’s Eve: 13 Ways to Say Happy New Year!

Welcome the new year with style and good taste with this collection of 13 recipes for New Year’s Eve (I’ve always been partial to a baker’s dozen). Many areas of the world are under lockdown as 2020 draws to a close, including where I live, so many of us will celebrating only with our households, whether that’s solo or just a few people. But that’s no reason not to toast the dawn of a new year with some good things to nibble and drink.


A New Year’s Eve celebration is just the time for a fizzy and festive beverage, whether alcoholic or not. When it comes to alcoholic libations, why not try this pomegranate cosmopolitan or a celebratory Elephant’s Milk in a Cloud? Of course, a glass of bubbly is the quintessential New Year’s Eve quaff, but if you prefer a non-alcoholic beverage, these days my choice is kombucha. Serve it in a special glass, and add some adornments that complement that flavour you’ve chosen.


Nuts are the quintessential celebration nibble food, and I find their rich saltiness especially pleasing if I’m drinking sparkling wine (or, hey, I suppose I could splurge and buy real champagne … okay, probably not). I offer these spicy maple-glazed walnuts, as well as spicy almonds and rosemary cashews.

Hot and Savoury Options

If you’d like something hot and substantial on your New Year’s Eve nibbles table, I recommend Belgian meatballs with a sour cherry sauce. The unusual combination of cherries and savoury meat definitely adds a celebratory touch to meatballs. Since New Year’s Eve celebrations this year will be small by necessity, you can freeze any of the meatballs you don’t plan to eat in the next couple of days.

Hot soup is always welcome on a cold winter’s night. “Soup,” you say, “Isn’t that a little rustic for New Year’s Eve?” Not if you serve it in shooter glasses, like this roasted red pepper and tomato soup. Presentation is everything sometimes. Just refrigerate the leftovers and lunch is taken care of for New Year’s Day.

French cheese puffs, which you may know as gougères, are always popular and here are three variations for you to choose from.

Some Sophisticated Sweets

Staying in the puff department, but moving to the sweeter side of things, these ginger sour cherry puffs say “special occasion” and are sure to draw some oohs and aahs, if only from yourself.

If it’s just not a party without chocolate, these choco-caramelilcious patties are the indulgent touch you’re looking for. They’re fun to make, and keep in the freezer so you can continue to treat yourself into the new year.

Creamy and luscious lemon posset in little shooter glasses makes for a tart and tasty dessert that will help you stay awake until the clock strikes midnight!

You can never go wrong by including a sophisticated cookie among your celebratory offerings, like these Chocolate, Cherry & Pistachio Macaroon Meringues.

Here’s to Better Times in 2021!

I hope these recipes for New Year’s Eve inspire you to celebrate the arrival of 2021 in style even if staying safe means your party is no larger than your household. May the year ahead bring good health and brighter times. Happy New Year!

Want to Celebrate with Cake?

If it’s just not a celebration for you without cake, here are a few of my favourites that will help make your New Year’s Eve even more special: Queen Elizabeth Cake, Pecan Coffee Cake with Cranberry Pecan Topping and a Cranberry Cheesecake.

First Published 2018 12 30
Republished 2020 12 29


  1. They all are very interesting to make wishing you also a very prosperous New year to all your dreams come true., at the cottage life ,,,,

  2. Thank you for the recipe for tomato and red pepper soup! I had this recently at a restaurant and just loved it. I’ve been hoping to look for a recipe. I will try making this sometime. Happy New Year Marlene!

    • Funny, I first made this after having a similar soup in a restaurant. I was determined to create my own version to enjoy this at home!

  3. I’m coming back here next time we have a party. Ken has been doing the same appetizers since I met him (nearly 25 years ago!) and he’s solidly attached to them so we MUST have them. But I need to add in a few bits that excite me because although the old ones are incredibly tasty, they’ve turned predictable, which is often boring. Thank you for the inspiration!

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