Quick & Tasty ~ Black Bean Salad


For years, I’ve been making easy and light bean salads, pretty much with one hand tied behind my back and blindfolded. Yes, they’re that easy to make!

I like to make these salads before I start the rest of dinner, so the flavours can intermingle and get all chummy together. They literally go together in no time at all, and are so variable — I make them with different vinegars and spices. As for the vegetables and aromatics, it all depends on what I feel like having but more so on what’s on hand.

I made this salad at the cottage for dinner yesterday, and we enjoyed the rest for lunch today with toasted nine grain bread. A simple, flavourful lunch and a great way to add protein to a light lunch.

Here’s how I pulled this one together.


Black Bean Salad

Drain and rinse a 19-oz can of black beans. If you have pre-cooked black beans that you’ve rehydrated yourself, all the better. Mince as much onion as you would like (I’d say no more than half a small one, but really it’s up to your taste), put in a small bowl and cover with cold water. Let soak while preparing the rest of the salad to mellow out the oniony bite. Dice a medium sized tomato and a red pepper. Add to the beans. Drain the onion well and add to the bowl. Add 1 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp red wine vinegar. Add a shake of cumin and a good grinding of pepper. Chop a small handful of cilantro for extra flavour and the lovely green contrast. Stir together well and let the flavours meld while you prepare the rest of the meal, stirring a couple of times.



    • Thank you! I appreciate your comment and ‘follow.’ Hope you find lots of healthy recipes here to fuel your fitness, and some indulgent ones just for fun!

  1. Oooh, gotta try this recipe sometime! It looks delish!

    This year I’ve learned that I can soak a big half-pot of dried beans overnight (with some baking soda and salt), cook them for about an hour the next day, then freeze them in yoghurt containers until I need them. This method works great (the beans aren’t too hard or too soft, and can be added directly to salads, etc.), and so much cheaper!

  2. I remember you used to make me bean salads all the time when I gave up meat for Lent one year! They were always really yummy (although I think mine lacked in the tomato department). Now I want some! haha

  3. This sounds so good, Mar — well, except for the cilantro part but I’ll make do. Tomatoes are so good right now, adding them to a bean salad is such a great idea. And there’s really no need to complicate the dish with a fancy dressing. Sometimes, like here, oil & vinegar is the only way to go. This is the perfect vacation dish.

    • Thank you! I’m looking forward to posting about this and nominating some of my favorites. I’m back on holiday with little access to Internet so I hope to blog about both awards when I’m back home. I so appreciate your honoring my blog in this way!

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