November Fan Favourite Recipes

Wondering what to put on the table in November? Thinking about what you should be preparing now for the holiday season ahead? <Hint> This post shares three of the top November fan favourite recipes from 2021, along with two of my choices for this time of year. Happy cooking and bon appétit!

As the photos show, November can be quite changeable here in Southwestern Ontario. We can have glorious fall days with splendid red, gold, and orange leaves still on display in the trees, long periods of gloomy, wet weather, and brilliant snow. But no matter what November brings, there’s always beauty to be found.

November Fan Favourite Recipes

Here are three of the top fan favourite recipes for November 2021:

In 2021, a lot of my readers were interested in salad dressing. While I tend to think in terms of the seasons that I experience where I live, visitors come to the blog from all over the world, and many of then clearly had salads on the mind last November.

I applaud those visitors who were thinking ahead and getting ready to prepare their Christmas fruitcakes. While I’ve made my fruitcake as little as two weeks ahead of the holiday, ideally I would get it in the oven six to eight weeks in advance. It appears that some of you are better planners than me!

While I traditionally make Cherry Coconut Bars for Christmas, they’re a lovely treat any time of the year (ask me how I know). And who knows, some of my readers may have been making them ahead and freezing the for the holiday season.

Urban Cottage Life’s Top Choices for November

To me, November is the month where I really start to get serious about comfort cooking for the winter. I often make a huge batch of my Yellow Split Pea Soup with Smoked Pork. It’s such a stick-to-your-ribs kind of soup and full of flavour. It also freezes well, and I appreciate my earlier industriousness whenever I pull a jar from the freezer to reheat on a cold winter night.

Keeping to the heartiness theme, there’s nothing like a classic Beef Stew with Red Wine. I like to get it going in the slow cooker on a Sunday morning, and then enjoy a drive or other outing, weather permitting. There’s nothing like being greeted by its aroma when I get home, and knowing that dinner is essentially ready.

Happy November cooking and baking!

Oh, by the way. that cheesecake photographed in the snow in the first set of photos? That’s my Cranberry Cheesecake, a recipe from waaaaay back in the archives here. I’ll be updating the post and republishing it soon, but if you must have it now, I understand. After all, cranberry cheesecake

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