National Pistachio Day: Celebrate!

There seem to be more “National Days” than there are days in the year, but why not take any excuse that comes along to celebrate great ingredients and what we can make with them? So, since February 26 is National Pistachio Day, here are two pistachio recipes to help you celebrate in style.

National Pistachio Day … Party On!

I’m very fond of pistachios, although I don’t eat them as often as I’d like. They seem like a bit of an indulgence in the nut domain, but hey, if ever there were a day to indulge in them, it would be National Pistachio Day. Which is, of course, February 26. But you knew that. Right? (Okay, I didn’t either.)

Not only do pistachios taste good, but when skinned they add a pleasing pop of green to dishes, as you can see in the granola pictured above.

I only have two recipes on the blog that feature pistachios (and one at least that’s a vaguely formed idea at this point). But hey, both of these are elegant and indulgent. Clearly, pistachios are something special!

Pomegranate Pistachio Granola

Pomegranate Pistachio Granola |© 2016

I developed this recipe for Pomegranate Pistachio Granola for Christmas a few years back, and it’s no ordinary granola. It’s meant to be festive and celebratory, indulgent even, and I wanted the colours of the season to shine. No wonder, then, that vibrant red pomegranate and bright green pistachios came to mind.

In keeping with the exotic-to-me nature of these ingredients, there are also sesame seeds, dates for chewy sweetness and the mysterious, can’t-quite-put-a-finger-on-that-flavour tang of a touch of dried sumac. And of course, I couldn’t resist adding maple syrup for its special, sticky sweetness; it may not be exotic where I come from, but to most of the world I’m sure it is!

Chocolate, Cherry & Pistachio Macaroon Meringues

Chocolate, Cherry & PIstachio Macaroon Meringues ❘ ©

Imagine what happens when a light and airy meringue meets a chewy macaroon and is embellished with cacao, tangy sour cherries and pistachios … The result is Chocolate, Cherry & Pistachio Macaroon Meringues: crisp and light, yet dense and chewy cookies full of flavourful surprises. 

It took me two tries to develop this recipe and it received the seal of approval from two of my stitching groups. Yes, nobody knows sweet treats like women who wield knitting needles and other pointy things to make intricate, beautiful creations. And, they give me honest feedback.

So, I can honestly say that this is a recipe you need to try!

Let’s Make Every Day National Pistachio Day!

I hope these recipes inspire you to get out the pistachios and get creative in the kitchen. Check out this roundup of recipes from Canadian food bloggers for more ways to enjoy pistachios.. Maybe we can make every day National Pistachio Day!

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