National Cupcake Day 2014 ❊ Cupcakes Inspired by Sadie, Olive and Benny

National Cupcake Day 2014 | © Life Through the Kitchen

Today was National Cupcake Day! It’s an event that raises funds for SPCAs and Humane Societies across Canada through the sale of cupcakes made by volunteers. I first heard about the event last year, but couldn’t participate due to a broken wrist, although I did write this post to help promote the day. I’ve been waiting all year to get in on the action!

Dogs, cats, a hamster and a goldfish named Spotty have been an important part of my family’s life over the years, and we adopted some of our pets from the London Humane Society or other rescue organizations. It’s so good for children to have the comfort, companionship and responsibility of pets. From my experience, the unconditional love of a pet is also very important for parents of teenagers. There was a certain period in my life where my devoted Schnauzer, Fritz, was the only one who seemed excited to see me at the end of the workday.

When I registered for National Cupcake Day I was very pleased to discover that I could link my online bakery to the London Humane Society, so the funds I raised would support their work to help surrendered and neglected animals in my own community.

Although I no longer have pets, my children all have dogs that are part of the family, and they were the inspiration for my cupcake selections.

Inspired by Sadie, a sweet Rottweiler, I made chocolate cupcakes topped with caramel buttercream.

Olive, a winsome blonde English Dachshund, was represented by elegant Twice the Vanilla cupcakes.

And for Benny, our goofy Black Lab who’s basically a seven year-old puppy, these Double Chocolate Cupcakes were the perfect fit. In the photo he’s posing with his best buddy, my Miniature Schnauzer Fritz who, sadly, died in 2010 — I still miss him. By the way, don’t let the size difference fool you; Fritz was definitely the boss of that duo.

Although the dogs didn’t get to partake of any cupcakes (a good treat for us humans, but not for our pets!), I think they were happy to be spokesmodels for such a worthy cause.

I had a great time doing all of this, including tweets and Facebook posts about the event, and I’m already looking forward to next year.

In keeping with the spirit of the fundraiser, eggs used were from free run hens.

The Culinary Enthusiast and my daughter Jenn each took cupcakes to their workplaces, and their co-workers were most supportive. By all accounts the cupcakes went fast!



  1. Awesome Marlene! We were there on Saturday partaking in the sweetness! Resisted the temptation to bring home *another* cat!!!

    • LOL. It seemed right to link the cupcakes and the dogs … it was lots of fun. Next year I’ll probably choose a different theme for my cupcakes, just to brighten things up!

  2. Oh what a wonderful post Marlene! Such cute dogs, all of them. My daughter would be so jealous of lovely Rottie Sadie! She wants one so badly. We always had dogs until we moved back to England (now just the two cats and a corn snake which is in her room safely tucked up in its vivarium I’m pleased to say!) but we had a cross lab/collie called Bonnie from a pup and then our black lab Monty, both lived to 14. So she misses her dogs very much but I’m sure she will get her own one of these days. The cupcakes look delicious and so perfect and I love how you matched the frosting to your dogs’ coats. A great fundraiser and a lot of fun to go with it – wonderful 🙂

    • I joined my daughter in selling the cupcakes at her workplace and they created quite a stir. You’re right, they make people happy — lots of smiles and excitement. I had such a good time doing this!

    • I thought people would appreciate seeing the pups that inspired the cupcakes. Each one of them is adorable in its own right – they really are part of the family.

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