Life, Inspired ❦ The Weekend Review – March 1, 2015

Welcome to Life, Inspired — The Weekend Review. This is the weekly column where I take a step back from the recipes so you can have a wider look at what’s been inspiring me, moving me, or just catching my fancy out there in the life beyond my kitchen.

When Mother Nature Gives You Extreme Cold …

It was so cold here in February. Days upon days of record-breaking low temperatures with extreme cold warnings. So cold that I sat in my office with the furnace cranked up and wearing three layers, and still my fingers were cold and stiff on the keyboard. The saving grace for me was that it was also a sunny month. Sure, there were some dismal days, but my memory must be optimistic because I remember day after day of brilliant sunshine and clear skies. Oh yeah, and that cold.

So, what to do when Mother Nature gives you extreme cold? I say get out the lemons! There, don’t you feel better already, just looking at this picture? To me, lemons are happiness and sunshine all rolled up into fragrant, flavourful eye-pleasing orbs. When the colour and scent of lemons is filling my kitchen, somehow I feel warmer.

Scent of Lemon | © Life Through the Kitchen Window

Around the Web

I’ve collected quite a few things around the web lately to share with you here. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy your reading time!

Being of Belgian descent, how could I not share this article about Belgian waffles, or more precisely, about how we’ve been eating them wrong? If I may prattle on about waffles for a moment, if ever I get to New York City I so want to visit the Wafels & Dinges food truck. I saw a story about them on FoodTV a few years ago, and not only do the waffles look ah-mazing, but I recall the fellow who owns it was pretty easy on the eyes too, not to mention that Flemish accent … Oh, I digress … Seriously, one day I’ll write about my family history with waffles and share some recipes. As a tribute to my mother after she died, I did share her story and a touching video of her making waffles, here. But for now, the article:

Mom's Belgian Waffles | © Life Through the Kitchen


This article on The Kitchn about how to become a more confident cook shares the ‘secret’ and is a good read too.

Do you like watching cooking videos on YouTube? If so, this list may be for you. Of the top ten cooking channels it lists, the only one I’ve seen is the one rated in first place. Well, yay me! One of these days I should compile my own top ten list of the sites I like. They may be more obscure, but worth viewing just the same!

Do you feel uncomfortable turning down food that’s offered? Ever feel offended when someone declined to eat the treats you laboured over in the kitchen? This article on the subject had me laughing. Let’s not over share or over question, especially at the dinner table!

Some food for thought, or for cleaning out the cupboard. Excuse me while I go toss a few things.

A little wisdom for a Sunday morning, or anytime really. Nothing new here, just things that I (and I suspect many of us) need to hear over and over.

And finally, one last link, from my friend Charmian over at The Messy and author of The Messy Baker cookbook, which I reviewed here. Wondering what dark chocolate to buy for baking? Wonder no more!

Weekly Recap

Because of the aforementioned (ad nauseam perhaps) cold, it was time for a soup roundup on the blog last week. I knew I’d posted lots of soups over the years, but was surprised to see over 35 recipes so far. After that, it was definitely time for some sweet indulgence — naturally sweet, that is — with these Choco-Caramelicious Patties.


  1. You know what’s funny Marlene, I’ve been drinking lemon tea throughout winter and it always seems to make me feel so much better. I don’ know what it is about lemons that make me happy but I’m happy they do 🙂

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