Triple Berry Jam Muffins ❉ A Taste of Summer

[Sponsored] The cold weather’s here, but you can still bring the taste of summer to your table with local preserves. These Jam Muffins showcase the bounty of Middlesex County. This post is sponsored, which means that the good folks in the Middlesex County Economic Development Department paid me to come up with a recipe and write about it. And they covered the cost of the jam, too. The recipe is my own idea, and my opinions about Middlesex produce are, as ever, my own.Triple Berry Jam Muffins ❘ ©

Triple Berry Jam Muffins

Is there anything better than the scent of fresh, warm muffins on a wintry morning? Well, yes — adding a generous amount of beautifully preserved local jam to those muffins before you bake them. Yes, the jam’s inside the muffins … how clever is that?

The jam is like the star of a one-person show here because it plays so many roles simultaneously. It adds flavour, colour, moistness and texture to these muffins, not to mention most of the sweetness apart from a bit — just a wee bit — of local honey. And because this one ingredient plays so many parts, this recipe is about as simple as they get.

Triple Berry Jam Muffins ❘ ©

For the preserves, I turned to Nancy Abra, who combines her passions for cooking and gardening in her business, From My Garden, near Thorndale, not far from London. With over 45 years of experience making preserves, Nancy develops unique flavour combinations that showcase summer’s fruits. I caught up with her at a local craft bazaar in December, where we chatted about what jam would work best in my muffins. She recommended her Triple Berry Spread and I’m glad I took her advice.

The flavour is an exceptional celebration of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, without the jarring sweetness of many jams. Of course, it’s jam, so it’s sweet, but I was seriously impressed at how restrained the use of sugar is in these preserves.

The only problem with the recipe is that it takes an entire one-cup jar of jam. Otherwise I just might have slathered some more on my muffins before eating them! On the other hand, they’re so flavourful and moist, no butter or jam is needed. But who am I to judge should you choose to indulge?

Triple Berry Jam Muffins ❘ ©

Let’s Get Baking!

I know, you want the recipe, right? I won’t be publishing it here on the blog for some time, but you can find it now over in the latest Middlesex Country Economic Development newsletter. Happy baking, and even happier eating!

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