It’s Cold Out, Eat Soup! ❅ Soup Recipe Roundup

With record-breaking cold temperatures here this month, soup has been on my mind and on the dinner table. Regardless, I enjoy soup and find it an ideal food year-round, whether I’m wearing three layers at the dinner table in February or my bathing suit on the beach in August.

Soup is also a great choice for entertaining. It makes an elegant first course for a dinner party, and can play a starring role at a casual gathering. It’s versatile, relatively easy to make, and usually can be made in advance. Keep some in the freezer and heat it up when company drops by or you just want a satisfying hot meal with little effort.

So, it’s not surprising that soup may well be the largest category of recipes here on the blog, with almost 40 posts on the topic in three and a half years. Here’s a roundup of 37 soup recipes, including one cold soup (someone, somewhere will enjoy that one in February). I hope you find one or two that inspire you to get out the soup pot!

My Top Ten Favourites

I thought it would be fun to choose my top ten soups. Most of these are recipes that I turn to over and and over, but there are a couple on the list that I’ve only made once or twice and can’t wait to make again. Already I can think of a couple I’d like to add to the list, but I’ll behave and stick to the rules.

Most Viewed Soups by Readers

I thought it would be fun to check out the top three most-viewed soups on the blog. Here they are, with the most-viewed soup first. While it’s not on my favourites list, the two runners-up are.

Chilled Soup

Let’s just get this one out of the way; it makes me shiver to think of eating a chilled soup now. It would be great in the heat of summer though.

More Hot Soups

Here are the rest of the soup recipes currently on the blog, in no particular order.

About Soup

Finally, if you’re looking for some writing about soup, these two posts contain my musings and some how-to’s on soup making.



  1. Brrrr it is cold and was having squash soup today. and love all the assortment . and love the pictures very colorful///…

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