Holiday Baking Roundup ❅ 15 Sweet Recipes for Christmas & Other Festivities

This festive time of year always inspires me to bake, although I don’t do so nearly as much as I used to. Still, there’s something about making some of the recipes that my kids love (or classics like fruitcake that they despise) that just puts me in the holiday spirit. In my case, the holiday is Christmas. Whether you celebrate it or something else, you might be interested in this holiday baking roundup of 15 recipes from the Urban Cottage kitchen (which, as you’ll see on many of the photos, was formerly Life Through the Kitchen Window). I hope this post inspires you to get baking, even if just a single batch of cookies! (And there’s one no-bake recipe here, in case you plan not to turn on the oven.)

Ginger & Sour Cherry Puffs | ©

Cookies and Bars

This list is a mix of old favourites and new for my family. I’ve been making some of these recipes since I was a teenager, and others I’ve just discovered or created in the last few years.


Meringues are so easy to make and they can add such flair to a festive gathering. Here are two of my recipes best suited to the Christmas season.


Cheesecake always says special occasion to me, and this recipe is no exception.

Cranberry Cheesecake | © Life Through the Kitchen

Sweet Rolls and Coffee Cake

Most years I have my family over for a holiday brunch, and one of these recipes is usually on the menu. This is also a time when people drop by for visits, and there’s nothing like a slice of coffee cake along with good conversation.

Happy Holiday Baking!

Wishing you happy times in the kitchen during this festive season! Please leave a comment letting me know what’s your favourite thing to bake for the holidays.


  1. love all of your receipes . a sugar cookies with jam in between is made every year. for my family. a tradition….

    • There is nothing like making your mom’s cherished recipes to feel closer to her at Christmas. Food is so evocative of memory. May you savour every minute of baking and every bite of those Nanaimo bars and cherry cake.

    • Thanks so much, Charlie! Isn’t that meringue bark pretty? I got the inspiration from Shauna Sever’s new book, Real Sweet, but of course played around to come up with my own version! Fun times in the kitchen!

  2. I’m not going to do much baking — that sound you hear is my new stove giving a sigh of relief. I will bake a batch of biscotti, however, because it wouldn’t be Christmas without them. Instead of baking, Mar, I will be doing quite a bit of pickling and some canning. I’m buying the staple ingredients now and the real fun — the canning — starts next week. Well at least it will keep my kitchen warm.

    • Oh, a new stove — such fun! (And doesn’t that sentence say a lot about me, lol.) I’m doing so much less baking than I used to. There were years when I was working full-time and the kids were little that I’d start after they were in bed and stay up until 1 or 2 am to get it all done; it was that important to me then. Anyway, enjoy your pickling and canning. That sounds like a great way to celebrate the season too!

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