Hello world!

Welcome to my kitchen! I’ve been prone to many enthusiasms over the years, but apart from reading, none has been more enduring than my interest in learning about, preparing and sharing food. There’s a cliche that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and like all good cliches it’s grounded in truth. My kitchen kind of life, which I would like to share with you, isn’t just confined to that one room. It includes the garden, the patio where I barbecue (generally while reading and sipping wine), the living room where I keep my collection of cookbooks, and pretty much anywhere that I enjoy food.

The view from my kitchen window is lovely in the summer, wouldn’t you agree?


There’s the herb garden where I go almost every time I cook (in season) for a snippet of sage or basil or whatever fresh herb I fancy. The inviting chairs that beckon me to relax with a book or visit with a friend, the garden ornaments collected from special places … Chloe the crane from a visit up north, an obelisk purchased as a souvenir of time at the lake. Creativity and tranquility right outside my window … life is good.

In this blog I’ll be sharing recipes, techniques, menus, cookbook reviews, memorable flops & misadventures, stories about my ‘from scratch’ approach to food, tips on gadgets, and … well, I’ll just have to see where this journey takes me. Enjoy!

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