Hello World, Part 2

I started this blog in August, but until now I’ve been the only person who could see it. I’ve been trying to get it set up “just right” before making it public. Thanks to my daughters, Jenn and Mere, and my guy, Brent, who have all reviewed it and answered endless questions from me about design, tone, photos, etc. I appreciate your patience and support!

I will be learning lots as I go, especially about food photography. The blog will never be perfect, but I’ve decided it’s time to take a deep breath, make it publicly visible, and see where it goes from here!

Along the way, I’ve discovered just how much I enjoy writing about my adventures with food. I hope anyone who reads this will agree that life through the kitchen window can be interesting and fun. Feel free to leave me a comment, and subscribe if you’d like to be updated on future posts.

Cheers, Marlene

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