December Fan Favourite Recipes

It’s always interesting to see which recipes are fan favourites in any given month. Last year’s December fan favourite recipes reveal that readers of this blog were thinking about salads, appetizers for easy entertaining, and creamy, sweet comfort food. As for me, my top choices for this month are for the holiday baking tray.

December may or may not be snowy where I live in Southwestern Ontario, but regardless, my focus is mostly indoors in the final month of the year. While I appreciate that not everyone celebrates Christmas, it is an important time of year for me and my family, as my photos reflect. Decorating my home in anticipation of a family gathering (and for my own enjoyment) is always a pleasure, and it’s fun to see my grandchildren’s joy in trying to figure out which stocking is whose. And decorating a gingerbread house with little ones? Priceless!

December Fan Favourite Recipes

Here are three of the top fan favourite recipes from December 2021:

Just like in November, a salad dressing has made it to the top of the list again. I don’t know if that was the choice of people looking for something to dress their holiday dinner side salad or those who live on lettuce after the excesses of the holiday table. Either way, this tasty dressing is one of my favourites.

I’m happy to see that my favourite appetizer, the French cheese puffs called gougères, made it onto the list for December. I make big batches of these and freeze them unbaked. When the doorbell rings with holiday visitors I can easily pop a tray into the oven, and before long we’re enjoying these hot and cheesy treats, preferably with a glass of bubbly!

With or without cinnamon, rice pudding is such a homey and comforting treat, perfect during this hustle and bustle time of year. This version is made with only three ingredients, unless you decide to add some cinnamon.

Urban Cottage Life’s Top Choices for December

Miniature brownies baked in festive paper cups and topped with a chocolate kiss . . . what’s not to love? These have been a favourite among children and adults alike at many Christmas gatherings over the years.

Kermis tarte, a form of jam tart, is a Belgian recipe that was made at carnival time. But for me the jewel tones of apricot or raspberry jam always remind me of the Christmas holidays. And I think you’ll be surprised at how easy that crust is to make, not to mention its secret ingredient!

I hope you enjoy your December cooking and baking! Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it, and all the best of the season to those who celebrate other traditions or simply enjoy the winter holidays.

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