Cauliflower Is the New Kale ✲ Cauliflower Recipe Roundup


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The food trend cognoscenti have proclaimed that cauliflower is the new kale for 2014. Read more about this and other food trend prognostications here and here.

Perhaps I’ve been ahead of my time, because I’ve used cauliflower in numerous of the recipes I’ve shared here in the past two and a half years. Okay, just over two percent of my posts to date have featured the new star of the food theatre. Does that make me a food trend psychic? Probably not, but never mind.

There just may be more cauliflower recipes appearing here in the balance of 2014, not because I shamelessly jump on food trends, but because I happen to really like cauliflower. What’s your favourite way to enjoy this trending vegetable?

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Cauliflower Recipe Roundup

Southwest Shaved Cauliflower Salad

A Celebratory Indian Cauliflower Fritter

Indian Style Cauliflower & Sweet Potato

Chili-Seasoned Corn & Cauliflower Soup with Chickpeas & Spinach

Curried Cream of Cauliflower Soup with Sundried Tomato & Parsley Pesto

Summer Soup with Cauliflower, Split Peas & Corn


    • I can’t argue with your choice Barb; it’s one of my favourites. It’s interesting to see how these food trends wax and wane. Fun to follow, but good that we’re independent thinkers/cooks too!

  1. Cauliflower recipe ideas have come a long way since my childhood when it was boiled to mush or baked with half a ton of cheddar. Many recipes you feature look great. I’ll certainly be growing it again this year, whether it is in vogue or not. Trouble is the glut, I tend to get 20 heads ready at once, thanks to modern F1 seeds!

    • I agree, back in the day so many vegetables were overcooked. No wonder so many of us despised them! Good luck with your cauliflower crop this year; you may need to set up a roadside stand to deal with the glut!

  2. Someone at WW this morning said simply mashed (steamed) cauliflower with your favourite flavourings could totally replace mashed potatoes. Sounds good, but I like the idea of equal amounts of potatoes to cauliflower better. We enjoy roasted cauliflower with a smidgen of oil, salt pepper with either smoky paprika or chili powder.

    • I’ve roasted cauliflower with oil, pepper & cumin, but paprika sounds like a nice change. I think there’s going to be a run on cauliflower at the market.

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