Apple Recipe Roundup ❦ Crisp, Sweet, Enticing

Whether you’re just back from a trip to the apple orchard, or you’ve purchased crisp, fresh apples at the store any time of year, it’s always good to have lots of ideas for this versatile fruit. My Apple Recipe Roundup helps you out with sweet and savoury ideas for breakfast, dinner and dessert!


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Pretty much anyone who knows me knows I love apples. In fact, five years ago, not long after I’d started blogging, I published an essay called Musings on Apple Madness, chronicling my lifelong passion for this fruit. In the early days of my blog, when I was too timid to put my name or photo on this space, I used the picture above as my profile photo.

Yes, I’m that person who eats four to six or so apples a day. And why not? They’re a perfect package of food: tart, sweet, crunchy, full of flavour and good for you, too. After all, if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, why not have a few more for extra insurance?

When it came time to do this apple roundup, I was a little surprised at how few apple recipes there are on the blog. Then again, maybe that’s not so surprising because my favourite way to enjoy apples is out of hand. But then there’s apple pie and apple cake and apple … well, you’ll see below.

Apples for Breakfast & More

Apples for Lunch or Dinner

Apples for Dessert


  1. I think this is a great looking assortment of apple recipes! There’s a nice variety in there to try! Apple Mashed Potatoes sounds really interesting.

  2. A great trio of apple roundups, Mar. Like you, apples are a favorite and I love this time of year when they’re all so fresh. I tried making apple butter several years ago in my slow cooker and did not like it at all. I should give it another go and I like your idea using less spice and sweetener. Just like my apple sauce, I prefer to let the flavor of the apples shine. Thanks for taking the time to gather and post these recipes.

    • I’ve thought more about making apple butter in a slow cooker, and it seems to me it would just be too wet and wouldn’t cook down properly. I know lots of people have done it, but I think I’ll stick to a good old-fashioned pot! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed my apple recipe roundup … so many neat things to do with them!

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