Strawberry, Mint & Lime Gin Cocktail: The Lake Huron Breeze ~ A Celebratory Cocktail

I concocted this strawberry cocktail way back in 2012. Oh, how I wish I were sitting on the shores of the lake and enjoying one today! But we can enjoy the beginning of the last weekend in June, aptly dubbed Strawberry Month over here, with this Strawberry, Mint & Lime Gin Cocktail: the Lake Huron Breeze. Let’s raise a glass!

Lake Huron Breeze | © Urban Cottage

Celebrating Our Readers

As if being on vacation weren’t reason enough to celebrate, this week [in 2012] my blog surpassed the one hundred followers milestone.* I’m so pleased and humbled that all of you are interested in what I have to say about food, cooking and bits of life. It’s been eight months since I took the big step of making the blog publicly available, and I’ve been surprised and touched by the sense of community I’ve found out here in the blogosphere. Thank you to all of you.

*An update from the future: in 2020 I’m pleased to say there are close to 2,000 of you who follow along, plus many more who drop in from all over the world.

Inspiration for a Strawberry, Mint & Lime Gin Cocktail

I was inspired to create a cocktail today to celebrate. A friend brought us some strawberries on Wednesday, and I was determined to use a few in a drink. I happen to quite enjoy gin (well, not enough to raise any concerns) but my favourite drink is the mojito. I put all those ideas together to come up with this strawberry cocktail.

What can I say, the Culinary Enthusiast and I were pretty enthused by this pretty — and pretty tasty — libation. As we sipped and looked at the lake from under the shade of our umbrellas, we decided to christen it the Lake Huron Breeze. We usually have less alcohol in our drinks, but hey, we’re on vacation and we weren’t going anywhere. And there’s also the matter of one hundred-plus blog followers to celebrate.

A toast to you all!

Lake Huron Breeze: Strawberry, Mint & Lime with Gin

This Strawberry, Mint & Lime Gin Cocktail that I call the Lake Huron Breeze is a nod to the mojito but with strawberries, gin and tonic. Inspired by lounge chair living on the beach.

Category: Drinks
Keyword: Lake Huron Breeze, strawberry gin cocktail, strawberry mint lime gin cocktail
Servings: 2 cocktails
Author: © Marlene Cornelis/ ©2012–2020
How To Make This Recipe
  1. To make two cocktails, mash three luscious strawberries with a fork, then muddle together with several leaves of mint, the juice of half a lime and one tablespoon of sugar. Put several ice cubes in two highball glasses and pour two ounces of gin over each. Divide the strawberry mint mixture between the two glasses and top up with tonic water. Stir. Add a mint flourish and enjoy. Responsibly of course, such as in a non-motorized lounge chair at the shore.

First Published 2012 06 29
Republished 2020 06 26


  1. And cheers to you, as well, Mar! Congratulations and I’m sure many more will be drawn to your wonderful blog. Just you wait!
    I must say that I’m impressed that you can post while at The Lake. When I’m visiting The Lake’s opposite shore, internet service is so bad that I’m lucky to be able to comment on another’s blog entry. Posting one myself is an impossibility. I’ll write and schedule it before I leave home and just hope I don’t find an error in it once I get to Zia’s. That would mean a 30 mile drive to a McDonald’s to “borrow” their wi-fi. It could be worse. There was a time when there was no McDonald’s.
    Again, congratulations!

    • Thanks, John! My blog is progressing slowly but surely! And I enjoy the process a lot, so that’s the main thing. Re: Internet, the year- round house next to the cottage we rent has unsecured wifi that I can access once in a while (if the wind’s from the right direction and the stars aligned – or whatever it takes) but usually we drive a few miles to the highway. There’s a little restaurant with wifi and I do most of my posting/commenting there over breakfast or, in the evenings, a nice slice of pie. It is nice, though, to be mostly ‘off the grid’ while on holiday!

  2. Ooh, that looks gorgeous. I love the coast of Lake Huron (we honeymooned in Bayfield & Goderich). Can’t wait to get back there. Until then, this drink will absolutely suffice. Thanks for sharing.

    • I’m honoured to have you as a follower! I actually first published that post last year, and am pleased that I have many more followers now. It’s a great pleasure to know that people in all corners of the world choose to read what I write here in my own little piece of global real estate. The internet can be a wondrous thing!

  3. Well, congratulations are in order, Mar!! Congratulations on having this happen while being away on a wonderful vacation with this beautiful drink in hand! I couldn’t think of a better drink to toast it with! Wish I had one now to lift in the air.. but I’ll do an air pump for you! xx

    • Your comments gave me a giggle! It would be lovely to get together sometime and enjoy a cocktail together while sharing tales of blogging adventures! Our vacation ended a couple of weeks ago, but I just published the last post about it tonight. So it looks and feels like it’s still continuing!

  4. I’m not a drinker, but I can tell this would be a great cocktail. Which i why when I have my get together, I will definitely offer my girlfriends this. They will love it

    • I’m glad you liked this. I just made an iced slushie with strawberries, mint, lime juice and ice. No need for alcohol! I’ll be doing a post about that one of these days (I may need to make it a few more times first though, just for the sake of scientific testing 😊).

  5. What a lovely place to relax and enjoy your refreshing cocktail. I always enjoy visiting your blog…I can see why you are getting more and more readers.

    • Thank you, Karen. I appreciate your comment. Life has been getting busier, and I’ve not been blogging as frequently lately. I’m also finding it a challenge to keep up with my blog reading and commenting. One of these days I’ll find a way to fit it all in! Regardless, I always enjoy visiting your blog too. Cheers!

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