The Challenge Is On – Please Vote for Me! ❊ Braised Beef Short Ribs with Red Wine Cream Sauce

Braised Beef Ribs with Red Wine Cream Sauce | © Life Through the Kitchen


I can let the secret out now … this month I’m one of the contestants in the Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) Great Cream Challenge. I was so excited to be chosen to participate, and now I’m hoping you’ll vote for my recipe.

Badge_Recipe_2014_DoubleDuty_DinnerHere’s how it works. Each month, DFC chooses three Canadian food bloggers to create a recipe according to a theme, using real cream and other dairy products. Canadian residents (except in Quebec and the Territories) who have reached the age of majority are eligible to vote for their favourite creation. You can win too! Not only will the blogger with the most votes win a great prize, but so will one voter!

This month’s challenge is Double Duty Dinner, meaning a meal that can be re-purposed for lunch the following day. I chose to make braised beef short ribs with a luscious red wine cream sauce, that can be converted into an upscale hot beef sandwich the next day.

All I have to say about this is O.M.G., delicious.

Please Vote for My Recipe!

You can visit this link to view and vote for my recipe, by the end of October. And, should you be the lucky voter you’ll win an 11-piece set of commercial stainless steel cookware from Paderno. Sweet!

Of course, if you really prefer one of the other recipes, I guess you’ll just have to vote for it 😢. But once you see this swoonworthy dish, I’m hoping there’ll be no question that it’s worthy of your vote!

Finally, I’d awfully gosh-darn appreciate it if you help my little blog get some more love out there on the interwebs, by sharing this post on Twitter, Facebook, by email, pony express and passenger pigeon. Or word of mouth – that works too!

The challenge is on! Let’s see the power of all you special people who follow Life Through the Kitchen Window.

(Shameless self promotion now complete.)


    • Thanks so much Barb! I hope I break my firm hold on last place before long, and move on up the ladder 😊. Oh well, only day two, so lots of time to catch up! Regardless, it was a great challenge to develop a recipe to meet the ‘double duty’ theme.

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