A Weekly Meal Plan for the Summer to Fall Transition

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to make for dinner on one night, let alone a whole week. Lucky for you, Food Bloggers of Canada and I have come to the rescue!

I’ve developed a seven-day dinner menu plan for this time of transition from summer to fall. Some days are still hot and call out for grilling, and sometimes the weather is crisp and all you really want is comfort food. Regardless of what the thermometer says, the harvest season is in full swing, giving us lots to celebrate on the plate.

As a bit of an added bonus, my menu plan has main dish offerings for everyone from committed omnivores to vegans, as well as a global range of flavour profiles. There’s something for everyone. And did I mention side dishes and desserts?

To make things even easier, the post on FBC includes a pre-formatted shopping list. Just use it to check off what you need to buy, making it even easier to get dinner on the table.

Here’s a sneak peak at a few dishes on the menu plan, just to whet your appetite. Please head over and check out the post on the FBC site. Happy cooking!


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