Simple Pleasures ~ A Picnic On the Boat


There’s nothing like a day out on the lake in our little jet boat! We like to alternate between anchoring and bobbing about on the gentle swell of the water to read and relax, and going for a tour with the water frothing and tumbling behind us, diamond droplets glinting in the sun.

An outing like this calls for a simple picnic lunch. In this case, a simple salad of chopped romaine, slices of leftover grilled sirloin, a scattering of lentils, chopped grape tomatoes, crumbled feta and a simple red wine and olive oil dressing (with a nice grinding of pepper, of course). Some nuts and fruit to follow makes for a good meal on the water.

Good thing I didn’t drop the salad!


Owning a boat seems to mean a lot of tinkering and polishing is required, but the Culinary (and Boating) Enthusiast doesn’t seem to mind.


Clearly it’s all worth it when he’s Captain of his ship!



  1. Looks like you guys spent a nice day on the lake. Good for you both. You’re right, though. There’s a whole lot of tinkering that must be performed if you intend to wear the Captain’s hat. Judging by his smile, I think your Captain finds it all worthwhile. 🙂

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